How to eXtend Reality without losing your mind

Katy Perry’s American Idol performance of ‘Daisies’, made by XR Studios

xR (sometimes “eXtended Reality” or “virtual production”) uses LED screens to place performers and props in a fluid three-dimensional environment, captured in-camera without the need for costly post-production visual effects.


I work in the live event industry : clubs, bands, concerts, theater, corporate launches, conferences, trade shows, sports events; anything where large numbers of people come together in the same physical space.

The live industry was one of the first to be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and will probably…

Honey I Bought an Oculus

Image copyright Simon Stålenhag, who is a Godlike Genius

It’s been about a week since I brought the Oculus Quest VR headset home with me, so it’s high time to make some grand pronouncements. (If you’ll ignore the fact that everyone else has been on this train since May 2019, I’m pretty cutting edge)…

I don’t have a clear memory of our first encounter. I don’t recall a moment where our eyes met across a crowded list of downloadable test files and I chose you over the Mandrill, or anything like that.

You’ve just always been there, floating in the middle distance, impassive but…

If we cannot live together, we must live apart

“The animosity of these two factions runs so high that they will neither eat, nor drink, nor speak to each other.” Jonathan Swift, ‘Gulliver’s Travels’

Regardless of the political outcome of the Brexit debacle, the depressing reality is that the people will remain divided. Like Swift’s Tramecksans and Slamecksans, who could not agree on the correct height of a heel, Remainers will continue to be Remainers and Leavers will continue to be Leavers, united only…

A Modest Proposal

Browsing reddit, I click on this nice little link :

If there’s one thing the internet knows beyond doubt when I click on this link, it is that my primary intention at this moment in time is to read what The Economist has to say about the…

A Philosophy of Service

A dear friend (we’ll call him Phineas Crispin-Hamilton) who watched us take our first steps in the industry, tells a wonderful rock-n-roll story of a Famous Musician On Tour, who was playing a gig in the Hamptons.

The story became something of a foundational anecdote for…

Ashraf Nehru

I once made the mistake of letting other people use my software; the result was Now I’m trying to figure out how to fix what’s really broken.

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